Sunday, September 20, 2009

Giving Jihn My Own Brand of 'Treatment'...

The new comic for Saturday!

Once again, I get the last laugh over my guinea pig pal.
Or, the last chomp...however that works exactly....

It's a day late....I know....*twiddles paws* I was...uh...busy...*BURP*
With what, you ask?
Well, let's just leave it at Melissa doesn't have to change the garbage for a while.....
Okay, to dispel confusion - the last comic that I entered is actually Friday's comic,
so I actually missed the one for Thursday. Sorry. You can see that comic in the Comics page of the Official Midge website.
Yes, don't drink toilet water, kids. It'll mess you up...*ears droop in embarrassment*


  1. aww poor Jihn...
    I never ever drink toilet water. Never!

  2. hahahaha!! Silly Midge. I love when you get all flustered and ramble... so funny!! hehe.