Thursday, December 31, 2009

I am going to put aside how embarrassed I am to be wearing a diaper to say Happy New Years to all my anipals, friends and fans!
Thank you for all the love and support throughout 2009!
I wish only the deepest joy, happiness, and delicious snacks for 2010!
I love you all! *blows kisses*
I want to say a special thanks to my best buds Lou and Zack Rabbit! You guys have been the best furiends a little cartoon mutt could have! A toast to you! *raises glass*

The Official Midge website has rung in the New Year with 10,000 HITS!!! Thank you all!

Also - Madame Midge has posted the new horoscopes for January 2010 in the Madame Midge page of the OfficialMidge website!
Be sure to see what the future has in store for you!


  1. Happy New year Midge!!! Thanks for making me smile and laugh in 2009! We love you!
    And congrats on 10000 hits! Cheers!
    your number one fan :o)

  2. AWWW MIDGE! You're the best!! HUGS & Slobbery kisses!! 10000 hits?!! You iz FAMOUS!! WOOOOO!!
    I'll hafta wrestle Lou for the "number one fan" title.. hmm.. altho, Lou did comment first, but that's because Plushateer was sick and... ok,fine...
    your TOP fan! =:3