Saturday, April 3, 2010

Comics — The Anipal Times

Comics — The Anipal Times

Midge is both proud and honored to have her comics featured in the hot new online paper - Anipal Times!

Every month a NEW, never before seen Midge comic will be featured exclusively in the Anipal Times!
Midge says, DON'T MISS IT! *WOOF*

And to all who helped organize Anipal Times - THANK YOU!
Thanks to everyone who helped with the #atpawty - a special pawpawty to commemorate the launch of the Anipal Times!

AND - Special thanks to Cokie and Snickers!
I am deepy honored that you think Midge comics are funny enough for the Comics page of the Anipal Times! *teary eyed* Thank you!
*piddles with overwhelming joy* Oops....

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